Can you believe it? Our agency is turning 10 years now

For all young people, (like us) reaching adulthood is a true milestone worth celebrating.

The celebration of a ritual at age 18 assumes the full acceptance of responsibilities and highlights aspects that others expect from this newly considered adult.

The freedom of choice also comes with the fulfillment of these 18 years. It is time to make momentous decisions. What is chosen at each moment from now on will affect our life more intensely, since previously it was under the tutelage of a long learning process.

And a little of this is happening to our “girl”. Slick Red, our white label web design agency has just released its coming of age perhaps with a premature maturity based on hard learning and strict but loving parents.

But what does it mean to fulfill 18 apart from being a little more “older”?

1- Tell everyone that you have turned 18 years old. And here we continue better than ever with more and new challenges.

2- Take out your driving license. You see !! If by having, we have even the drone (because Slick Red is an official drone operator in Malaga through its subsidiary.

3- Tell everyone: “we are not kids anymore, we have 18 years of experience” and with the times we live TO SEE IF YOU EXCEED IT !!!

4- We can now vote! and we go that if we bounce and run almost every day when we have hours to continue working.

5- Travel sun @. Well alone and accompanied, and is that with adult guardianship and without them we have almost traveled half the Spanish geography, without counting the entire province of Malaga

6- Organize adult birthdays. Well, that’s going to be impossible. Sergio is very fond of the “happy birthday of Parcheesi” and the others, however much they complain in the background, they really like it.

7- Losing virginity ……………………………………………… We have done graphic design, web, online marketing, signage, printing, ecommerce, audiovisual, what remains for us to try?

8- Dramatically change image. Buenoooo !!! go that if we have changed in 18 years, in fact we went from the iceberg to Slick Red, which already costs to read and spell !! Now, we are still the one that sank the Titanic, that has not changed.

9- Make new friends. ALWAYS and the family grows.

10 – Continue with the same enthusiasm as when we started discovering this world of web design . Learn always and mature with the times thanks to all the team and those who put the image of your company in our hands. We will continue designing advertising in Malaga and wherever they call us.