Happy Birthday WordPress! The CMS turns 7

WordPress cumple 7 años y lo festeja con la RC1 de WordPress 3

Today is 7 years since Matt Mullenweg  launched the first version of WordPress, the open platform for blogs that became much more than that, now you can build and design a full diseño web. And what better way to celebrate it than with the release of the first Release Candidate of the expected version 3.

Throughout all these years, WordPress has gone from being a platform for blogs (and an excellent one, by the way) to be the support for many types of pages, from commerce sites, to personal portfolios or discussion forums. And it is used by more than 20 million people.

Keeping the spirit with which it was launched for the first time – free of cost and under GPL license – the version of WordPress 3.0 comes (almost) to us with a list of highly anticipated new features, such as the new theme by default, the fields of posts customized, the “multi-site” functionality and changes in the administration panel.

And here is a call to all the developers of plugins that make life so much easier: make sure they are compatible with this new version, and if necessary, make the corresponding changes. Nothing is missing for the final version! Happy birthday!

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